Wholesale Kitchen & Bath Cabinets in Gilbert AZ

Wholesale Kitchen & Bath Cabinets in Phoenix Arizona

J&K Cabinetry Inc. is a wholesale kitchen cabinet distributor in Phoenix Arizona.  We stock 10 of the most popular door styles and finishes in our 70,000 sqft warehouse and distribution center which services the entire state of Arizona.  All of our cabinetry comes standard with 10 features that others sell as options.   Our cabinets can be purchased as Ready to Build or Ready to Assemble or you  can have them professionally built at our production facility in Phoenix.

Wholesale Kitchen _ Bath Cabinets in Phoenix AZ J_K Cabinetry(1)

Our cabinetry is high-quality and very affordable.  Stop in our showroom today 4445 E. Elwood St. Suite 107 Phoenix, AZ 85040.  You can call us at 480-858-8968 and visit our website to view our portfolio http://jandkcabinetsphoenix.com



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