J&K Cabinet Countertop Appliance Design Showroom in Phoenix AZ

Mocha Kitchen Cabinets with Wine Cooler & Granite Countertops in Phoenix

J&K Mocha Kitchen Cabinets Wine Cooler & Granite Countertops Phoenix

J&K Cabinetry has been serving our professionals nationwide with exceptional quality products and customer service since 2004. J&K Cabinetry currently stocks 10 of the most popular door styles and finishes in our 70,000 sqft warehouse and distribution center. One of their most popular cabinet finishes is the Mocha Cabinets. The above picture shows the wine cooler encased in Mocha Cabinets.

Like what you see? Stop in our wholesale kitchen cabinet showroom 4445 East Elwood St, Suite 107 Phoenix, AZ 85040. Have questions? Call us at 480-858-8968. You can also visit our website at www.jandkcabinetsphoenix.com



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