J&K Wholesale Kitchen and Bath Cabinet Design Showroom in Phoenix AZ

Kitchen and Bath Cabinets at Wholesale Prices in Phoenix

J&K Cabinetry has top of the line wholesale kitchen and bath cabinets in Phoenix. They stock their cabinet line in their 70,000 sqft warehouse which gives the customer less wait time for the installation to get started. Because they are their own manufacturer, they cut out the middle man and pass that savings down to you. Become a J&K partner today and start taking advantage of wholesale kitchen and bath cabinets.

Wholesale White Maple Glazed Cabinets in Phoenix AZ

Stop in their wholesale kitchen cabinet showroom 4445 East Elwood St, Suite 107 Phoenix, AZ 85040. Have questions? Call them at 480-858-8968. You can also visit their website at www.jandkcabinetsphoenix.com




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